Thursday, November 21, 2013


I'm still here. Just kicking arse and taking names at this whole 3 kid, full time job, domestic goddess, dairy cow gig.
Okay, by taking names and kicking arse, what I really mean is hunting for babysitter names and wiping bums.
Same diff, no?
It's been a flurry of activity in our house and I am not sure with the holidays creeping up it will get any better. Blog posts are, unfortunately, last on my list of to dos. And not for a lack of material. I traveled to Boston with just Gus, we've had our first "he's not my friend/he's a bully" incident, and we've also had more moments of kids say the darndest things than normal. Oh, and I met my first ever blog friend.
But currently? It's 1am and I'm avoiding disinfecting my pump parts for work tomorrow. And I just realized I didn't eat dinner. #thankgodforbananasandnutella
Where's that dish fairy when you need her? And doesn't she moonlight as a short order cook?
Until I get a better grip on the tasks like functioning at my job and keeping my kids alive, I'll leave you with the latest "Felix Funny" from Eric taking him to school:
Felix: Daddy, it smells like cold out here.
Daddy: What does that smell like?
Felix: Ice.
Daddy: What does that smell like?
Felix: Water.
Daddy: What does that smell like?
Felix: Penguins, because they are sooooo chilly.
Carry on...

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  1. Wishing I could be there to be your food, dish and laundry fairy….