Friday, November 8, 2013

Wet Willy

We had to forgo professional family photos this year because, well, we like to live in our house and still needed to pay the mortgage. So I dusted off the old DSLR and attempted to get photos of my kids for holiday cards.


So anyone in receipt of our holiday card will notice the pictures are small. Many from Instagram, and perhaps another year we will get someone else to do the dirty work of making my kids less...cray.

That being said, there were a few gems that made me giggle. Totally not holiday card style, but "this is really what my family is like" photo. But not in the artsy fartsy way.

In a wet willy way.

And with the week I am about to have at work, I am sure when this posts on Friday I'll enjoy laughing over this repeatedly.


  1. Grandpa and I think this is a "keeper". I love that Felix is poking Gus with his "I'm being wicked" expression, Miles is oblivious, and Gus nonplussed! Honestly, I think that photos that capture the true spirit of your family are the best. You will absolutely love them when the boys are all grown, and we love them now...

  2. i honestly think you should make a holiday card out of this photo...and any others! i love "real life" photos - so stinkin' cute and hilarious. and i love "cray" kids :)

  3. Cuties! Love this pic