Thursday, December 19, 2013

Eric, I am posting your Christmas Gifts so on the off chance you read this...step away from the blog

Catchy title, eh?

So Eric and I always set very strict price limits to our Christmas gifts to each other. And this year, when we an incredibly pricey 18lbs of chunk to our debt (mwah, Gus), we aren't in a position to do much for each other, let alone others.

So I've had to be crafty--literally and figuratively. Enjoy my list of gifts that are heavy on thought, but light on the wallet:
  • Dolls
  • Clothes
  • Music
I think the list totally screams "Man Gifts", no?

Please, let me break 'er down for you...

Scene: Ali trolls Etsy to find gifts she would love to purchase, but can't afford, so she attempts to create herself. If you are one of my Facebook peeps, you'll have already seen my new obsession with painting wooden peg people, but if not, here is an example of a little family I created for Eric. I mean, I think the likeness isn't too shabby!

I order the little wooden pegs from a wood shop in Maine. And I use non-toxic, made in America acrylic paint from Walmart, which I mix to create my own shades. And then I slap some non-toxic Modge Podge (whatever that is) on top to seal them. I even included our wedding rings and my late grandmother's gold wedding bands on my hands. 

I mean, what guy doesn't want what could essentially be called "dolls" for Christmas? AMIRIGHT? But in all seriousness, I think they speak to Eric's modern sensibilities.

I've also tested the waters with creating all sorts of other peg families, princesses, a nativity set, and super heros. Stay tuned. Post forthcoming...

Somebody the other day asked me if Eric had a beard right now. I literally stood there with my mouth wide open and said: "I have no idea." Sadly, that speaks to how often I have the opportunity to look at his face these days, as well as the back and forth he goes with his facial hair.

In that spirit, I had the boys get him, what else? A SHIRT OF 141 FAMOUS BEARDS. First--let's just acknowledge the tag line to the Chop Shop where I ordered the shirt is "with shirts like these, who needs pants?" Um, that is like our family motto. (Actually, ours is "PANTS OFF DANCE OFF" but perhaps we can do seasonal mottos.)

Image courtesy of:
The image of Darwin alone was worth the price. And of course I scoured for coupon codes (but then also splurged for an extra few bucks to be printed on an American Apparel shirt). 

Finally, I just have to say I am totally pissed at Beyonce for stealing my idea of dropping a record out of the Blue (Blue Ivy reference intended). Sure, she has a high budget video to go along, and millions of adoring fans...

...But can she record a song on her iphone while sitting on her childhood bed with her brother playing a ukelele and sister-in-law layering mad harmonies late one night while in her pajamas? Yeah, so Eric always says he never hears me sing (it was totally a former life for me) unless I've had a few glasses of wine for the liquid courage to pull out my rendition of Chicago's "I Can't Do It Alone." So I forced my siblings to sing a little ditty with me for him:

There you have it. While the Tivoli radio system he drools over or legit Eames furniture will not be under the Christmas tree this year, I am kinda thinking he will be just as happy with these.

'Tis a gift to be simple...

Merry, Merry!


  1. Loved hearing your voice in that awesome recording!!! xoMomJules

  2. You are like my long lost sister from another mister. Or something. I just... every time I read your blog I just sit here and nod. And laugh. And nod some more. This time I was also insanely jealous of your steady hand and absolutely precious idea of the peg people. I will pay you a million dollars to make me some.

  3. I love you, I love singing with you, I love our family and I hope you all have the Happiest Christmas Ever!

  4. I think those are all wonderful gifts more precious than gold. It is my joy to hear your three sing together.

  5. Love it all - you are so creative!!!!!!!!!!!