Monday, January 20, 2014

Week 3 of 52: exchanges

This week, my goal was to get to the end of it without being diagnosed with an ulcer.
And not to have my breast milk confiscated by TSA during my first work travel since Gus was born.

I'm happy to report I am 2 for 2.

Due to my work trip this week, I knew I would have even less time to take photographs with my camera, so I tried to approach the challenge focusing on a simple moment during an exchange or interaction I had with each of my kids. While they aren't staged or perfectly composed, I know looking back, it is these moments that will forever stick with me...even the nose picking ones.

Miles arguing with me about the difference between a thousand and a billion. We tend to have our most in depth and challenging conversations in the car. And no, I wasn't driving.
Felix and I were playing trucks in the dirt and he was demonstrating how each truck makes a different sound. 
Gus is *so* close to crawling, but can't figure out how to swing his feet around. He is a booty-scooter. When we spend time each day trying to get him to crawl, he always looks up at us with his big eyes to say, "you think I can easily navigate these cheeks?"
Listen. Here's the thing. I know your kids do this, too. And of all my kids, so far he has been my only nose picker. I told you these moments would be honest...

Enjoy the moments and exchanges with your kids. They are fleeting. And so, so precious.

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  1. I love them all! You will discover that in the car discussions remain precious throughout your active parenting days.