Monday, January 27, 2014

Week 4 of 52: faces

These faces slay me. Drool and all...

We call his eyes "statue of liberty eyes." And yes, he is dressed up in costume.
Sometimes Miles reminds me of my Nana. This shot is one of those. There is much thought, many times worry, and wonder in his eyes.

I took a few additional shots this week that I put through Lightroom. I have quite a lot to learn, still, but I am starting to enjoy playing with the "healing" tool and luminance slider.

Gus loves fingering through books. In particular, this Tails book and another one called Global Babies. I love watching him chatter to himself while looking at the pages.
Miles not only had pajama day this Friday, but he also got to take home the class "pet" Houdini.
This is a look that says, "whaaaa? no more food?" 

Finally, two additional images that I did not put through LR, but are images of moments that tickle me:
This is Felix "eating" milk with a spoon.
Why this touches me is that I was exactly the same way as a child
and distinctly remember drinking lemonade on many,
many occasions with a medicine dropper...just because. 
I wish this picture wasn't fuzzy because it is an accurate representation of meals at our house. There is at least some intermission when all the boys go cuh-razy. Generally the object is to spend as little time sitting in your seat as possible with the excuse of giving mommy a hug, making Gussy/Guster laugh, or having to go poop. 

Week 5: BRING IT!


  1. I love them all! I don't even know the photography terms you are using, but I think you're doing a great job. I love that you're raising another avid reader, love the drool, love Felix eating milk with a spoon (I remember well your eye dropper drinks), Love pensive Miles and Houdini and best of all love the three laughing it up at dinner. Having been there, I can relate! Gus will never be bored as long as his big brothers are around. What lucky little guys!

  2. I love all of these. These boys make my heart melt.