Friday, February 14, 2014

My 2014 Valentine's Day Advice

And by my advice, I mean information from an awesome infographic shared by one of my best friend's husbands. I've shared below, but it's too small to read in its entirety, so I recommend clicking on the link embedded above.

Disclaimer: I recognize the infographic as heterosexist and "white". And since infographics are more of  a visual conversation rather than true, peer-reviewed pieces of science that are generalizable, let's just acknowledge those particular shortcomings as I comment on what I feel are the most salient bullet points:
  • "Married couples are unhappiest when kids are in preschool."
So...I wonder what happens when you have 1 in preschool and 1 on deck? I'm hoping they cancel each other out. In all honesty, I totally get it. These young years have moments of bliss, hilarity and joy...but I am the first to admit that at least for us, they are HARD.
  • "Based on a British 20-year study, people who are happiest in their marriage:
    • Have been married 5 years or less
    • Don't have children
    • Have college degrees
    • The man's employed"
But--I think a real important message is less obvious; ignore all the (questionable) stats in the infographic.
Look at the images. 
In my non-scientifically based opinion think the graphic designer unintentionally nit the nail on the head:

Successful marriages are based on couples who hold hands...a lot.

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  1. And sometimes happy marriages defy all logic and studies... I agree that it is very hard on parents during those preschool years. Hang in there! It gets to be more sane.