Sunday, February 2, 2014

Week 5 of 52: Showers

Snow showers? In Atlanta? 5 day weekend?

It happened, folks.

And thanks to some cookie sheets and about 2 inches of snow, my boys finally got to witness what it is like to play in the snow (and then 20 minutes later scream to come inside because their rain boots weren't enough to keep their feet from the early stages of frostbite).

The last time we enjoyed snow showers and cookie sheet sledding was the first month Felix was born 4 years ago. After this week of frigid temperatures and a city immobilized by snow, I realize that if we ever move up north we may need to desensitize our children to the cold with ice baths or something. 

While Eric and I have said to each other "do you know when the last time I took a shower was?" more than I like to admit, we are very religious about bathing the boys every night. More than anything it's a matter of routine. Gus and Felix take a bath, Gus gets out and Miles gets in with Felix. Miles is slowly getting more interested in showers (have I mentioned my children hate water in their faces and are allergic to anything even remotely close to swimming?), but Felix acts as if acid is pouring from the shower head. So we usually end up doing the environmentally unfriendly maneuver of running the shower for Miles to enjoy while I cover the floor with towels (because clearly the curtain has to be open the whole way lest the bathtub boogie man comes and eats up Miles), and I plug the tub so that the bottom fills with water and over time Felix can creep in the back and enjoy a "bower" (bath-shower). Then the shower turns off, and we have water WWE. (Put your money on Felix. Always.)

After the boys hopped out of the bower the night I was taking pictures, they asked for me to take pictures of their respective scars. Miles has one from an incident with a princess castle at a friends out over 3 years ago. And Felix's was from early in January when he had an incident with a door at childcare. It's pretty hard to see Felix's, actually. 

And for Gus this week? I couldn't fit him into my shower theme. Instead, I captured him doing his favorite thing-eating. Brother can INGEST food. I'm pretty certain he consumes his body weight in fruit, veggies and quinoa each day. And still knocks back three 5 oz bottles of milk at school or nurses many times a day when at home. How he is only in the 22nd percentile of weight at 19# 3oz is beyond me. (I demand a recount! My assumption is the doctor's scale isn't calibrated for cheeks.)

And guess who is crawling? Nah, not Gus. But he sure looks cute trying!


See that black and white photo of Gus fussing for more food? That is the skilled photography of Miles. Since my camera is out more frequently (yet not nearly as much as it was 2 years ago), Miles has been asking to take pictures with it. What he really likes doing is taking a picture and then using the buttons on the back to zoom in on body parts. I still hold the external flash when he is taking the pictures in the event it slips out of his delicate hands, but he's got a good eye. I mean, look at his other two entries for this week. 

Keep your day job, Miles.


  1. Cute boys, all of them. Eric included. :-)

  2. All great shots, including the ones Miles took!