Sunday, February 16, 2014

Week 7 of 52: Snowpocalypse version 2.0

A week stuck in the house due to (another) southern ice storm can only be made more special with traveling pink eye, ear infections, fevers, and antibiotic diarrhea. Throw teething in there and perhaps some drink umbrellas, and we are the next spring break hot spot.


So, after we exhausted our run of cardboard box forts, puzzles, baking, and even copious amounts of television, we were left feeling kind of like this:




(And that's saying something because Miles is playing gummy snack math here. Outside of whining and playing the victim, math and gummy snacks are two of his greatest loves.)

And then slowly but surely, the ice melted and we headed straight for the outdoors. I think the wonder on Gus's face is disbelief that we ventured outside of the house.

That, or he's pissed I continue to put baby leggings on him.

Today's photobomb brought to you by Eric's running short-tights:

This picture I call: "the retreat." Gus was all, "get me away from the crazy males behind me."

I'm not going to lie; this past week gave me a lot of reasons to continue my day job. I also had some pretty epic moments of questioning how I am going to successfully raise a house of boys who have created a new language with roots words of "poop", "diaper" and "underwear." But there were also some really awesome moments amid the body slamming, light saber swinging, tantrum slinging episodes when I realized that our house may be small and loud, but also full of a lot of laughter...and drool. And toots.

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  1. I love the pictures. The boys are growing so much! Your life will not be boring - ever!