Sunday, February 23, 2014

Week 8 of 52: Swing into Spring

I always talk about percolating posts, and so as a teaser for you, and a selfish mechanism to hold me accountable, I have a drafted (is that a word?) two posts that will be showing up soon on:

  • why I am playing favoritism with my boys. (oh, no she di-int!), and
  • why I am *not* superwoman, or lipstick on a pig parenting.

But for this week's photos, I admittedly took them all today--Sunday. It was a stunning day. Breezy, partly cloudy, and 70 degrees. That's paradise for me. I'm not the type who dreams of sitting on the beach in a bikini by the beach. I want to be outside WITH PANTS ON and a light jacket or long sleeved shirt. No sand. Just green, dry grass to either nap on or challenge my brood to a sick game of Mother May I?. 

We have a park near our house that is located at an airport and have been going there for years. It's hard to go there in the peak of the summer as there isn't a lick of shade, but this weekend was a perfect opportunity to inhale the jet fuel and swing for a spell.

But first we needed to indulge in some smoothie for some pre-activity fuel. Today's recipe was apparently a combo of chia seed and Smurf:

I encouraged (ahem forced) the boys to elect their aviator sunglasses as opposed to the standard plastic pairs they tool around in. 

Maverick, Goose is calling. He wants to challenge Iceman to a game of shirtless pick-up sand volleyball.
Miles wouldn't bite, so he had to endure the direct sun. Unfortunately, he poorly groomed cowlick provided no shade.

I'm still working on getting my kids to be proficient "pumpers" on swings, but they default to the belly swing, which is fine, except within 5 minutes they complain of GI distress.

And for most of the time at the park, Gus was content doing what he does best. EATING. (And check out the reflection in his glasses.) While I don't know if Eric and my genetic combination could ever produce a child who is morbidly obese, if it is going to happen, it's going to happen to Gus. (Is it normal for a 10-month-old to out eat his 34-year-old mother?)

If today was a teaser for more weather to come, Atlanta, your heart is mine forever. Or at least until the temperatures start flirting with 78 degrees plus.

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  1. I'm with you in the temperature department. No 80's or 90's please! It's ironic that the blue eyed child who probably most needs sunglasses is the resistant one! Thanks for sharing more cute photos of the boys, though. I miss them and you and Eric a lot.