Sunday, March 9, 2014

Week 10 of 52: The Look

First, congratulations are in order for Eric as he just hit the 4 year mark of being cancer free! The weekend couldn't have had lovelier weather to enjoy and feel an appreciation for life. I have almost hit the bottom of all the lobes in my lungs when I try to breathe deeply. One more year cancer free and I think I will be a lot closer.

I am glad to have finished the weekend on a good note as this past week we were *slammed* with a GI bug that literally immobilized the entire family, save Gus (thanks breast milk). And I'm convinced the bug left some sort of resistant strange of "fuss" in Miles as I feel like I am parenting a 2-3 year old again. I'm looking into creating a shirt: "(Almost) 6 is the new 3." I'd drown my frustration in sweets, but I gave up ice cream and eating past 9pm for Lent. My alternative has been drinking Izzy sparkling fruit juice. Sorry Izzy, you can't hold a candle to Ben and Jerry.

This week I found myself taking last minute pictures Friday through Sunday again because I was too busy dumping bowls of vomit while holding back my own. There was a moment the night that everyone was puking where Eric was passed out on the couch in the family room rendered useless, Felix had just vomited, and I heard Gus startle awake with the "my ear effing hurts!" wail at the exact moment I also heard, "MAAAAA-MEEEE! *BLECH!*" (That's Miles puking.) I stood in the hallway, feeling queasy and thinking, "who the hell do I tend to first?" And then shed a tear. Puke trumped acute otitis media. And in those situations, I couldn't help but curse. But we are all on the mend, thankfully, and Gus is getting ear tube surgery this Tuesday.


I call this week "the look" because the pictures all have my boys giving "the look."
This is Felix's response when I said, "pretend you are a tree, Fe!" Either he was pretending to be a tree, or completely disinterested in my attempt at a posed picture. Dollar to doughnut on the latter. 
Okay, so this "look" is hard to see, but Felix told me he was a camouflaged ninja spying on me. It's such a typical Felix image. And far better than the tree I asked him to be above. 
And this "look" is Miles getting mad because I am slaying him on round 2 of trouble. Yeah, I play to win. Unfortunately, he got me in the rubber match.
And this "look" is Gus's apprehension about the 3 radio controlled cars that the older boys were zipping around him.
I had to add a happier Gus "look" because he truly is just such a sweet and happy boy. This "look" is him "throwing me shade" for giving him nature's toy: a piece of pine straw.  
And this "look" I love. Not so much Miles's screaming in Gus's face, but Gus playing cool and being all, "whatever bro. I'll just gnaw some more on my biscuit." 
Finally, this isn't "the look," but let me just say, look at that kid JUMP! I can't believe I caught his stomp rocket launch in action. I wish it was a clearer picture, but it still is pretty awesome.


  1. This last picture makes me think of the snow sports in the Olympics... put some snow and a snowboard under him, and that would have been a great newspaper photo for a gold medalist!!

  2. I love all the looks - soulful Felix, solemn Miles and implacable and happy boy Gus. I am so glad the GI bug is over now. I cannot imagine how you managed it all, Alison!