Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Week 11 of 52: POV in Black and White

Alert--late posting!

So we are already into week 12, but these pictures from last week finally made it off of my camera.

I was trying to get all theme-y and do parts of my children's bodies that are unique and I want to remember. Wait. That totally sounds creepy and wrong, but things like Miles's cowlick...Gus's cheeks...Felix's crinkle ear. 

So that was my self imposed project this week.

Aaaand, I didn't really do it. (SHOCKER!) But what I did do was try to do some "point of view" photos, whatever the heck that means. I dunno. It sounds official and when you take pictures that are off centered and run them through a magical black and white filter, it's like they turn into art. Or at least for some people.

Eh, I have some room to grow, but I really love each one of these photos. Felix especially looks gigongous (that's gigantic and humongous mish mashed together). 

And the last one is just Gus being stupid cute. I can't help it. He's my last. 

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  1. They look impressively artsy to me! I love that I could immediately recognize Miles's cowlick. I love Felix's intensity, and I love winsome Gus. Great photos, Alison!