Sunday, March 2, 2014

Week 9 of 52: Gazes-Mugs-Faces

My boys' faces speak volumes.

And if you think those volumes are filled with words like "poop", "breastmilk", "underwear" and "ninjago"'d be right. 

And the fact that I can throw around the word "ninjago" is a testament to my status as a boy mom. Just call me Nya. And if you follow that reference, please e-mail me so we plan a book burning of all things spinjitzu. 

For anyone still putzing around this neglected blog--thanks. Our family has lots going on right now--good...not that good...infected (ears), and our focus right now is solidifying our plan for the coming months with school, finances, and how we can operate effectively in our current space.

And then the biggest question--what photo should we put in our bathroom? 
We have black and white "water" pictures of each of the boys, and we can't decide between the following two:


If you ask me, the correct answer is #2. 

I love the following two pictures of Miles. 
For the first, I used some sort of cream-tone filter in Lightroom. What's interesting is I was taking pictures of him running around and launching this disc-toy-thingy (descriptive, eh?), and he was having a ball. Laughing, being silly, and telling me "Mom, I have SPRING FEVER!" But the camera caught this pensive and serious moment in a split second before he was back to leaping around the grass. I had no idea I took this photo until my card was imported.

The second one I caught a typical Miles flirty smirk as he was leaving to go to a birthday party. I need to print this picture out for those moments when he is driving me bananas and his behavior is what I willingly admit to be UGLY. That, or I need to learn some Mommy spinjitzu because the incline to 6 is kicking my a$$ at moments.


And Fe. 
Fe = periodic table for iron. 
This kid is as solid and tough as iron. 
Unless a spider is involved. 
My little entomologist has turned that developmental corner of fears and worries. Namely: 
gila monsters
the Sci-Fi tune on my iPhone (???)

I'm looking into investing in some device that is attached to him and records all of the hilarious things that come out of his mouth. The day he actually starts talking sense and realizes that coyotes cannot, in fact, run faster than a bullet train (thanks 10 minutes of Looney Tunes), will be a sad, sad day.


This final picture doesn't fit in this week's theme, but every time I look at it I get a little weepy. 
All of my boys have spent hours, cumulatively, standing on this couch gazing out at our front yard during the first 2 years of their lives. 
And all 3 have worn this exact romper.
The little striped legs. 
The full head of hair sprouting a cowlick. 
The bubble diaper butt. 
Knowing these are some of the last months I'll have a little one pulling up on the back of the couch may seem like a minor consideration. But it's these moments that make me realize how much I love having a baby around. 


  1. #2!!!! I think it fits with the other boys' pictures. All so precious.

  2. #2 hands down. oh my goodness i miss you all so much.

  3. I agree - #2 is the one for me. I love all the pictures of the boys this week and feel misty eyed at the one of Gus standing at the couch. Ah, sweet innocence!

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